EC Design Agency is a multi-disciplinary company.

Our work focuses on Graphic Design, Web and Interactive Design, Digital Experience, Architecture, Interior Design, Marketing, Communications, and Fashion.

Since 2019, we have delivered exceptional works for a variety of clients. As a full-service agency, we have a personal commitment on projects from start to finish.

EC Design Agency......making things easy!

Web and Graphic Design

We offer creative and innovative solutions for websites, logos, branding, print, publishing, advertising and more.

Marketing and Communications

Customized advertising, marketing strategies and effective communications for your employees and customers. 

Architectural and Interior Design

From residential, commercial, interior design, landscaping, to sustainable/green design.


We work closely with our clients throughout the world, giving them solid design solutions. 

For EC Design Agency, it is important to have long-term relationship with clients who share our same values.

Thank you for your support and trust in our Agency.

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